Monday, April 30, 2012

Men at Work!

They dug pits for me,
every night did the king's men,
as I called it a day at office
to say good morning to love!

The cycle rolls, even now,
a sick, slow n steady workflow!
But Psalms force them to
fill it up in the mornings,
my coffin's not ready yet,
they forget the zen too;
for they still are hard at work, 
lining their gut with cancer
cells to end their sorry stories
in pain... So it's written!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Glass Cage!

Breathe I should,
inhale deep, just as I get
sucked into the depths of
a bed that's not mine.
I'm not home,
just a lonely tenant here...

But I choke on their love,
for they are all smokers,
and they blow white puffs
onto my face, into
my battered lungs beside
an ailing, erratic heart.

And I grope for the window,
to break its stained glass... Yeah, my cage!