Friday, September 13, 2013

Misty Lips!

Smudges, they shift
with each sigh from 
the old artist’s soul,
in between his freezing
brush strokes.
Pure bliss,
his heart creates
the lines which 
let life flow
in a sedate pace,
the perfect cadence
to feel heaven,
which plays hide n seek
in an unknown,
wet, yet misty cycle;
The right music 
to feel you, in the breeze;
to taste your lips in
the fresh green fern
I kissed...

Yeah, I kissed...
Ever so gently,
so, so softly;
lest I wake up the 
God from his dream.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Our Tomorrow!

This piece of time,
It’s broken;
no, it’s alive,
the Eagle lives;
and circles around
its latest prey, I.

For my time,
I wait!

The sign of life,
the tiny twitches
of my vein,
insults me, and my heart!

Where is my pulse?
Her voice.

Where is my will?
Her smile.

Where is my life?
There, beyond reach,
it’s chained onto the
long arm of the
cruel clock on my right,
in this dark room.

The right time...
Destiny’s hand it is;
now, hold me, my right arm;
it’s time,
it’s midnight,
and tomorrow is ours...


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Mirrors

In another train,
not so long back,
I never had the need
to turn and watch the
shaky mirrors behind,
which hid my virtual image
beneath the many faces
commuting to work,
to play, to love.
Then, I could only look ahead,
or to the left,
through the iron bars,
and watch the stallion,
with me on its saddle,
gallop alongside the
diesel-powered coaches,
beside the endocrine-driven
life and its dreams;
jumping over small brooks,
crossing meadows, little fences,
and concrete roads;
trails I never took in my life;
the lanes,
now forgotten...

See, now I travel
many a metres
under the precise,
geometrically symmetric
maxims of a teacher
in pristine white coat,
in a lab where
muscle fibres are,
first torn apart,
then stitched back,
to make Kevlar out of
human flesh...

I am forced to look back now,
onto the mirrors
behind me,
they shudder in fear,
are rickety in dread,
for my eyes are cold,
angry, in fire...
As I can’t heal my world,
nor can I stop
them all from dying,
nor can I stop the livingfrom crying!