Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mother Eternity

There, far out there,
in the verse where
their eyes meet destiny,
at the edge of the known world.

There, where they walk gingerly,
cutting barriers,
to meet God,
deep inside the expanding
unknown... Their ether, eternity;
and they find bliss!

I, while I walk gently,
crossing a shifting hedge,
to meet mom,
deep into life’s only constant,
her love... My ether, eternity;
and I find bliss!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


The beefy armoured
love from the infantry,
took on the sharp edged
mystery from a Samurai’s soul.
They all won, but chivalry died,
cursing with his last breath:
Let there be light,
mushrooms, and cancer.

Now we mortgage life,
for our lust,
for mobility,
for insecurity;
and try to burn away
the corrupt genes,
a war we all lose. 
Where the hell is chivalry?