Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Metro!

He walks tall, the strides
ever so real... A glide surreal,
above the naive rich men
honking out their emotions
to the one ahead of 'em in
the rat race at sunrise,
the crawl back to love
in the red-light hours.

He is immune, I think,
free from the snare
at the toll booth yonder;
they all have to pay for smoking,
for sins... for their luxury;
he just pays with his card
and walks out a free man...
His liberty comes announced like clockwork.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Drop Zone

I spam you with my sighs,
when my only wish was
to overwhelm your senses
with this rain drop I saved
early morn from the tip of
the youngest leaf of the mango tree;
it still stands tall
near my childhood window.

Are you proud of me old man?
Or do you sigh too,
the "hmmms", for I am 
not a kid, not anymore!

The object of my full attention this morning, at the backyard of my
Kochi home (Pic by my brother Leo Xavier)