Friday, September 06, 2013

Our Tomorrow!

This piece of time,
It’s broken;
no, it’s alive,
the Eagle lives;
and circles around
its latest prey, I.

For my time,
I wait!

The sign of life,
the tiny twitches
of my vein,
insults me, and my heart!

Where is my pulse?
Her voice.

Where is my will?
Her smile.

Where is my life?
There, beyond reach,
it’s chained onto the
long arm of the
cruel clock on my right,
in this dark room.

The right time...
Destiny’s hand it is;
now, hold me, my right arm;
it’s time,
it’s midnight,
and tomorrow is ours...



Unknown said...

les.... this is simply brilliant... read it so many times... love this one....

Thought-Les said...

Thank you "unknown" :-)

Nidhi Zeven said...

not unknown... its me nidhi :)

Thought-Les said...

haha... nidhi do you always change ur email id whenever u join a new company :-p dear