Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Brothers in arms

To a dear friend

Which is the greatest of all human relationship? The obvious answer everyone points to is that between a mother and child. The divine relation. But ask me and friendship comes a close second.
Sure there are arguments like - how can you even compare a mother-child relationship to friendship? Have you forgotten the ten-month old bond of the umbilical chord?- and so on.
Well frankly even the blood that runs through your veins are gifts from your mama, everything I would say. Except the man you are. That is where friendship comes in.
Our character, the manhood or womanhood in you, is formed from our childhood as layers. But the last layers are laid during our adolescence by our best of friends.
In my case, that's where Manjush comes in..........................

Teaching me to walk

Well, not literally of course. But my first steps as a wrestler were guided by none other than my buddy Manjush. And as a destiny or something, my last steps were also guided by him - as my coach.
We were brothers in arms. Learning the trade of man to man struggle, using it for glory, sharing the pain, the trials and tribulations that came with it.

Guarding each other's back

It's a challenging world when we are teens and to add to it the rivalry of competitive fighting. Our's were a different fight. One that involved emotions that were in essence the same as every other gang fight with the stark difference being we fought for a cause. Glory in the arena. I still remember bleeding my nose out on to Manjush's T-shirt in a place called Poonjar and he supporting my desire to fight and fueling it. But I'm sure inside him there was also that genuine concern for the safety of his friend. That same concern, he used to express when I was in no man's land career-wise.

The bond

It's something beyond the ring. It must be amusing for my friends to hear this. But it was Manjush who showed me what friendship is all about. He is an example of an ideal friend. Wait a minute, there can't be an ideal friend. So I would say, he is the one who is closest to an ideal friend you can ever get.
And this truth made me get close to him and respect him. The unselfish gestures he would show is something out of this world, considering the state towards which this commercialised world is moving.
I shouldn't be writing this at all because whatever I write won't be enough to describe what he means to me. But one thing I want to reiterate here is that no matter how much I try I can never be the man my buddy Manjush is. You're the man dude........

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