Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thy name is woman

Think of it, the world never leaves us with any time to rest. It revolves, evolves and the cycle of creation and ‘re-creation’, which also involves a fair bit of destruction, has left us huffing and puffing, just trying to keep pace. It has been happening since eternity, scary right.
We humans call ourselves ‘masters of this world’ now, a title we earned through our race’s perseverance amidst the earth’s unending supply of life-enriching gifts as well as its life-changing and punishing ways of the ‘cycle of change’.
But we persevered and in some style, and the reason………

Thy name is woman

I myself fell into this trap once,
a pit where all men fall.
Being born with the ‘stronger’ tag,
I was told “you’re to rule the world”.

History’s made by men, they said;
Kings, Nobles and Prophets all.
Slipped I did, Oh yes I did,
Ignorant of the real truth that was.

Men were born to rule it all,
But the ‘kings’ were made by the humble ‘You’.
Long back when ‘You’ kept us safe,
And fed us through your very veins.

If men were born to climb and soar,
The wings were given by the loving ‘You’.
Long back when ‘You' carried us all,
And made sure we're not grounded at all.

The World has to move, has to grow;
And without ‘You’, it would never fly, would never soar.
Survive we have to, and you’re the source;
Rise, thy name is woman!

Today is Women’s Day, but in reality every day is the celebration of the most divine of creation…

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