Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Luz and Love

Remember I'd come here once,
to see you smile; at your doorsteps I was.
Months back, a lonely Thursday;
we spoke a while, amidst the happy crowd.
You had time for me, though You were wanted by all,
the first time I stood at this House of God.

They sang your praise,
while I sat with ease.
I couldn't sing, but I did pray;
not for me, but for a special one;
and You smiled and spread the light,
on everyone and I was blessed.

Your grace brought out the best in me,
and Your love I felt on my second visit;
when I wept and wept for my silly sins,
while You wiped and wiped;
till my mother came home,
to comfort me on her lap; I'm the lucky one.

This day I came to You,
thanking You for another gift.
My day was bright when I heard a word;
my dearest came out with flying colours.
Light the way, Oh dear Mother of all,
Lady of Luz, the brightest of all.

(In praise of Our Lady of Light, Luz Church, Chennai)

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