Monday, October 19, 2009

L' Artista

The master's at work,
six long years of inspiration,
landscape here, a portrait there.

Red crayons, blue pencil,
a little bit 'em brown too,
soiled tiny hands her brush.

Brows meet in serious thought,
doodling her classic down,
pure; its perfect just enjoy!

Her song, that forgotten rhyme,
instincts from a friendly world,
shouts ignored with a naughty smile.

Short n cute, long in reach,
with larger than life of a canvas
- her mama's kitchen wall.

It's papa and the school,
and those buses on the street,
enchanting beauty in simple thoughts.

Let her, do let her fly,
her heart, let it be white,
a colouring book hers to paint.

Give her, do give her the hues,
love in its purest form,
let it splash, wall or soul!

(My six-year-old Cousin Aleena's favourite pass-time is shown above. Her mom however was not happy seeing me encouraging her to extend the canvas to the drawing room.)


ruth said...

Hey dear,
This post counts as one of your best!And the pic is real nice!

Thought-Les said...

thanks dear...