Saturday, November 07, 2009

A ton of insult

Hours n days merged in gradient;
what week? A year went by!
Months eighteen of my nascent life,
silly me, how I spilt it here.

Epicures and mercenaries, my world;
thoughts seldom beyond a day.
Friends and foes all members,
work now! Cause, maybe later.

Proof hidden in a pile,
a burden to the world.
Bio-degradable paper waste,
hurt - the ego; victim - the Geo.

Congrats and a reluctant shake,
letter of honour, you're a senior.
Author, a higher-order swine;
rewards - just indeed, very much!

Insult followed in a number game,
The payment made, my sanity;
repaid with a hundred note,
Hike? A spike, the esteem bursts.

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