Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scent Percent Christmas!

The wise ones float and get swept
into a cone by the shallow winter,
letting the old watchdogs of
this Colonial Fort light
a bonfire to keep the native stings
away from their cubs, near the bay;
but the smoke signals usher in
a time for love…

Glossy ones on the beach path

get eclipsed by late noon;
for the humid Queen glitters
in a mat-finish; her powdered cheeks,
a gift with kisses from the Highland Lord,
whose songs let the bells chime
for the Anglo Choir and their Hallelujah;
it's time to rejoice…

And find joy in the blend from
Desi chefs with foreign rum,
the grains fermented with plum;
sweet enough to make you plump,
but kids, we swarm the baker's pride.
A slow jog and it's hard to miss
the dancers burning Santa, they're high;
a new life! From the ashes it's born.

A time for life with all its charm;

Christmas is here; ah, the infant's scent.


Susan said...

Its awesome mannn...keep goinggg

Thought-Les said...

thanks buddy :-)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Interesting.. :) It warm my heart.. :)

Thought-Les said...

hi kris... well christmas warms everyone's hear :-).. it is a time for love and sharing of happiness

Greetta said...

Itz really intresting yaar...go ahead :)

Thought-Les said...

thanks greeta :-)