Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peek-a-boo life

Arms up, in full guard;
this the peek-a-boo way.

Looking through the gorge
between the two, the only
brothers you can depend on;
not to wait for that flinch,
or a twitch to land a jab,
or a hook in good taste.

It is just to save the
'kind eyes' from turning black;
only the relentless gloves I see,
already red from many a spots.

Pure plain peek-a-boo style,
sans the knock-out drills.

(A lesson for life from boxing: It worked well even for Iron Mike Tyson in the ring before he forgot his coach Cuz’s "fail-proof" tactic and was knocked out, in life! But Peek-a-boo style does keep one away from a lot of complications...)

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