Sunday, February 19, 2012


I cross this strait,
once a day now.
Once upon... a life time ago;
it seemed like life, twice over,
the rush to find my space,
but the calling 
was never heard,
now or even then.

Morning, it was then,
the push for a young heart;
it is in repeat now,
but just half a tread at a time
for this another man in me,
noon it is now.

None to watch my back,
the burn spreads there;
sweat trickle and tickle
down the neck till it
becomes an itch
that drives me further,
a li'l farther, down that path
of no return...
Where I will lose the 
original sin in me to age;
and the will in me 
to the measured
words of an editor,
out of control, out at large!


Quirina said...

This is an amazing poem, Leslie. The imagery, the metaphor, the sensory experience of a point of no return. One of the best poems of yours that I have read.

Thought-Les said...

thank you Quirina, i guess i have to be at home to write better :-) closer to love closer to the source of love. im deputed to my home town for a few days you see...