Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sale

Summer sale on for winter wear, 
I just can't wait for that
retail salesman and his
market theory that always wins.

At sultry Chennai, it's a jest, 
but I'm hell bent on
buying that glossy jacket
to sweat n cook in it...

As it's winter here for me, in May, 
middle of the great Indian summer; 
where is my soda lemonade?
That boy drank it all, years back!


Sam said...

Long live consumerism!
Why did this poem make me smile?

Thought-Les said...

Sam. the whole poem is a metaphor to someth else, to life. yeah consumerism is life these days i guess. it made me smile too. ideally it should hav been a laugh. but i cant laugh at life cos im deep in it. i will b laughing at myself na. glad it made u smile too.. :-)