Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Fall

The season has a bit
more than the smog
that fills my lungs;
creeping through the
fickle filters I put up
to fight its advances.

It’s relentless, fast
and eases me into bed,
under layers of cotton;
and, a bit of lycra, of late;
as I make love, monitor and
chronicle the flame with a Google app.


Yogitha Chandrasekharan said...


Vimal Jose said...

Come to Kerala now...You can make love with thunder and lightning....

Thought-Les said...

@yogitha thank you :-)

Thought-Les said...

thats the north eastern monsoon @vimal. I have made a lot of love with the retreating monsoon during her nightly visits. cheers mate

Ashray said...

I'm glad someone gives a shit. Great words and hopefully the smog will disappear sometime soon.