Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ode to Jackie!

He turned to me,
and I saw eternity
sparkle from the 
jaded eyes.

My dog, 
he is old now...

He looks up with fear,
his twilight n my shadow 
he loved to growl at,
occasionally smile at, too.

My dog,
he limps now...

The longing remains,
in his eyes,
he wags nervously,
lest I bring love.

My dog,
he loves to be patted, still...

But, I crave his anger,
his young arrogant growl;
he has never bitten my bait,
can never ever, now.

For he is old now,
my dog, Oh god!


Deeso Manjila said...

You really loved and were attached to Thy Jackie dear...
Time...Sometimes Stupid Time

Thought-Les said...

Yes Deeso. Time can be harsh. And we all will reach the stage Jackie is now. I look back to simpler days now that I am in kochi... When I hear the waves crash I think of the days when I was as happy as bustling as the waves. Then again, time changes the tides and I have ended up being far away from the sea as well as many things I hold dear. But life has to go on