Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nine beats and a bit...

That trigger-happy single shot,
the eight strings finally resonate.
Music fills the air,
the sub-sonic cadence.
Muscles dance in a rhythmic trance,
harmony of life, the divine poetry.

The world stood still, sweet li'l wait;
nine beats and a bit later, the moment.
Bolt strikes again, the flashes;
a wall comes down in Berlin, where else!

A jester off the blocks, the baby;
stallion in gallop, the strides;
salutes in the end, arms raised;
Usain's made it true, the man!

Shooting arrows, breaking barriers;
child's play for this gentle giant.
Even foes remain gay in awe,
he has mastered time and space.
Spikes, tights, gold and olive crown;
the king's conquered world and hearts.
(To Usain Bolt)

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