Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain Amour...

Drops, life turns green again,
pitch lightens, the voices in me;
from grunts to whistles n tunes of love,
feeling beats, breathing fresh;
a brief stop near, I'll hug you tight,
rain, where's the pain gone, my friend.

I walk, my senses aflame,
heart caressed by birth, the sweet scents;
Earth, her thirst quenched; amour, amour!
Rain, stay in bed with me, my love.

Smiles, the splashes, a bud in play;
it's always fun sailing the clouds.
The slides and falls, slushy hugs;
rain, keep me young eternal, my girl.

(It rained here a few days back, yeah, it rained!)


srinivasan said...

nice showing how to enjoy the rain.

Merhaba said...

Rain...... it smells so fresh and clean
You seem to know things will be ok somehow
coz its God who s washing away the dirt n dust of earth to make us feel good.

Happy writing dear......

Thought-Les said...

thank you srinivasan

Thought-Les said...

thank u merhaba... yeahhhh. now its been a long time and i have been drenched by the rain so many times. still i long for more... :-)