Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Effort and life

A rushing creek, motorised hum;
as water drains to the bigger world.
Sweat and a sweet li'l toil,
dad begins, a son completes;
a double team, a dream team;
and work moves in our unsteady pace.
A near futile but worthwhile dig,
to drain and clean our backyard pond.

Scoops of mud and slush,
marked yesterday by blood and sweat;
of mama's dear ones and my own clan,
we dreamt once, built inch by inch;
'five year' plans and more at times,
unfinished still but green and fresh,
castle and our personal guard
- this world is mine, built with love.

Not even an hour's gig,
but my heart sings, zeal and gay.
I became that kid today,
the one lost three years back,
walking out to a world of words,
making marks of the worthless kind.
My days here now fills a void, the strength;
the will, growing to fight those ugly ghosts.


rameez said...

a good one bro..........a strong one

Thought-Les said...

thanks pal