Monday, September 28, 2009

Pentagon of Friends

The host sits patient, lady on chair;
I took the stands relaxed.
the trial is on, her questioning eyes;
Your Honour, am guilty; I was late.

Rain held my breath,
darkness held my bath.
The dancers left for dinner,
as five stay back in the room.

The royal one stretches out,
all white, cute as well.
Church and the high noon mass,
her Sunday tales with the chips.

The bubbly one, the Caligula
she can't hide with boots so small.
Sharp wit and sharper smiles,
all rise, a gourmand in the hall.

My buddy here, fair n handsome,
destined, designed to sway 'Ma Lady'.
We'll ride, drive and fight tonight,
seasoned pro with his machine and mix.

Dessert bell, bowls from heaven,
missed stick-counts no more the talk.
Happy vibes, this circle of friends;
Hey, it's five, it's a pentagon.


lookwhosback said...

awwww.....hogs and much love

diana said...

It is damn cute..I love it...

Thought-Les said...

thanks buddies: The red and white in ma pentagon