Friday, December 25, 2009


Whitish fluorescence,
it's divine - de lux;
the walls of this pyramid.
Yeah, right here,
near my home.
What? Out of place?

It's right here, outside my doors;
but close to our hearts.
Indeed, far from the land
where Pharaohs built 'em first
- larger than life; them all now
just mere sand dunes.

But here, my home here,
they glow and it's bright,
the steps shimmering,
an incline to the spire
of Santa Cruz, the Basilica sizzles,
this, the Fort Church.

The buzz, my home here,
it's louder than loud
- the festive karma, parties,
wine flows with every smile,
friends, family n tourists,
all welcome, the party's on; forever!

A Christmas town, my home here,
in full spirits, hearts to the brim
with love n small fermented sips,
good old Fort Cochin.
All chaired by the big man,
at the centre where it begins, a gay parade.

To him the minds drift, glances shift,
- the collage of neon
with a risen subdued star - the topping.
Stands tall this Tree of Gifts,
as babies smile, boys jump,
and girls sing a forgotten tune.

Then a little bit of fun,
long-maned boys club, drunk!
Bikes zoom down the boulevard wide,
gliding under the smiling cloud
- a sponsored silver lining
for the 'retro surfer' in us all.

Cochin, my home town, sure knows how to dress up for Christmas. A drive down Fifty Feet Road towards the beach kinda gives you the feeling that you're in an avenue in Las Vegas - all lit up on both sides with stars and a ceiling of silver 'glowing decor'. This 'boulevard with the silver lining' begins at Veli Ground, the place where the Cochin Carnival Rally starts and a couple of kilometres later ends by the beach... Right next to the harbour mouth, near Santa Cruz Basilica - the fairest of 'em all!

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valsala said...

beautiful.... u have captured the spirit of christms