Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drag Race to Heartbreak

Didn’t my bed this afternoon
remind you of Ujjain?
Or was it the parched,
dusty corridors
of that old college
where I slept with you?
Learning how heart breaks,
how to fix it, tune it,
set the ratios right,
and fuel it to the brim.

Then drive down the aisle
to the local drag strip,
to burn some soul
break some will,
a few records,
and, yeah, some more hearts.


Sanchita C said...
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Sanchita C said...

Your writing has a kind of haunting undertone in it. Very beautifully expressed. Carry on!

Thought-Les said...

Thank you Sanchita. :-) This one has a few allusions which criss cross between emotions and realities of life