Monday, March 10, 2014

Lager Than Love

Lightning, then thunder,
the cause n effect.
And the rain, later,
sprinkles its sarcastic will
and leaves in haste,
no time to waste on love.

But tonight,
love turned out stinky,
yellow water,
fermented in phosphates,
seasoned n reasoned 
in lager beer.


Yogitha said...

:) Lager than love :) At first I thought it was a typo ;) Nice one Les!

Thought-Les said...

thank you Yogi. It was a pun :-)

Sanchita C said...

hmm…interesting but I guess we all get hit like this suddenly. Nice poem. Like your pun too. cheers

Thought-Les said...

hmmmm.... hit n miss or hit or bit of fit...

thank you Sanchita :-)