Friday, October 20, 2006

``Jean Jacques Rousseau''

In between I write some stuff as poetry. Mainly because I don't have to worry about any mistakes in sentence formation and all. Besides I get some satisfaction or something like that when I finish one.

This one was written by me last year while I was in college. It is about the great French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. I haven't read any of Rousseau's work and I am not that familiar with his life either. The only thing I know about him is his educational philosophy, which I learnt as part of my college degree. So my ideas about the great man is pretty vague. So what I have written wont justify his greatness. Still I have attempted something. I hope what I have written doesn't make him turn in his grave...........

Jean Jacques Rousseau

In the streets of Paris it was
that I met a great soul
lucky I am, for I could behold
the treasures this Man possess.
Greatness there was in his words;
and divine were his thoughts.

I watch him in awe
what made him so, I wondered.
Is it the mighty hand of God,
or the raw nature like he claim.
His greatness is his mind-
a mind so pure and warm;
It's a pity, he was mistook
for someone he was not.

A real son of nature he was
but this world gave him wounds,
which turned later to gashes
open, wide and full of pain.
He couldn't love, Oh he could..not;
he just couldn't stand this world
this cruel world full of masks,
whose soul is corrupt to the core.

He wasn't loved by anyone
nor did anyone receive
that damned thing full of pain-
full of deceit and sins of lust.
What drives him, I wondered;
and I dared to ask.
Surprised I was by his answer
it was love, I heard him say.

``LOVE'' !; could I be mistaken.
How could it be love.
How can a man be inspired by the very thing
that eluded him all his life,
and drove him to the dark world of pain.
I am mistaken, it was not love,
it was his hatred for this world
that made him create,
Son's and Daughters, that would serve
the very thing he hated
and turn it to a better one.

Yes, his spark started a fire,
that burnt the heart of millions
waking them up from their slumber
and breaking their cocoons of ignorance.
Fire consumed the whole of Gaul,
Rhine filled with corpses BLUE,
Bastions consumed under its rage
turning Seine to crimson red;
eminent with it the fall of Bastile.

The thirst of cold metal
for blood that's blue,
was quenched at last through vengeance
with the swing of the guillotine axe.

Waves huge rose up from Gaul,
spreading with it far n wide
and reaching the shores foreign; the new world,
the message of freedom, the message of Life;
and the cries of comrades for
`` Liberte'', `` Egalite'', `` Fraternitte''.

The world as we had known then
has changed for the better, I see,
or has it really changed.
I see forces dark and huge
still pulling us down;
the very things we swear by
and claim they are to serve us;
the rules and laws we live by
are still killing our urge to grow,
clipping our wings and
stopping our minds from soaring;
to greater heights than we are now.
Choking our desires and dreams,
killing life from within us.

I urge you my fellow beings
stand up and salute,
this great soul who has given us
the means by which we could
be blessed in every sense.

Open you eyes, I beg you
cos in front of you is an axe
use it to break these chains
that has barred us from happiness
and enslaved us in its grip.


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