Monday, October 16, 2006


Just thinking where my life has reached, would make me wonder, Oh God. What is happening. Or What has happened or What will happen again.

When I was in high school, my teacher used to tell me and my pals, 10th grade is going to be your life's turning point kids. We used to wonder. What is this turning point this guy is talking about. Now I think I have realised what he meant. I would like to term these turning points as junctions of my life.

Well 10th grade passed. It was in 1995. Then came the fun filled virtual world of college. Joining a college too was a junction. Just like my teacher had said I reached a big junction after my 10th. There were lot of traffic lights. Some red. Some Yellow. But mostly Green. I couldn't make up my mind as to which road to follow. I took one that was the most frequently traveled (I took up science for my college as all the kids wanted science, it was the in thing those days, Maybe it still is). I wasn't forced or anything by my parents. Instead in my case the pressure was from the society. I was a fool to let the society guide me. To succumb to peer pressure. But I did. Took a turn. Then it was a ride. Sometimes bumpy like a village road. Sometimes smooth as an express way. Junctions came.

Took my expected turns. Did what I could do with the turn I had made years back. Finished my M.Sc in Physics.

Then I realised that I am not made for the role I had chosen. I can't do anything with the burden or tag I had with me. The tag being the degree I possess.

that's when I made the point that from now on I wont take turns with pre-notions. I decided that I would take blind turns. But the thing is that I have not taken any blind turns till now. The junctions I have crossed after that have all been ones with just one obvious turn to take. You don't understand don't you. I shall explain in detail.

The junctions I have reached were all dead ends to start off with. Then a track would emerge and I shall slowly take it. Some might say that I have been lucky to be here without taking any prior plans or routes. Maybe they are right. A real life example is the job I am in right now. I completed my bachelors degree in science education last may. The obvious turn to make after that would have been to take up a job as a teacher somewhere. But I didn't make that turn. Instead I traveled a bit more from that junction and reached a dead end, which gave me thoughts about retracing the path I traveled to the previous junction. But then I stayed to contemplate. It saved me actually. Out of nowhere came a road. Took it and here I am in another part of the world occupying a position in space that for me would generally have been improbable if not impossible. Working as a Sub-editor for a newspaper. Who would have thought of it.

Maybe I have to cross many more junctions. Maybe I would turn again. Left turn or right turn, the point is I should not let anyone guide me. But that's not possible. Maybe my destiny drives me. So let it be. I would let my destiny guide me. I have got my seatbelts fastened for a bumpy ride.

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