Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scent of the Rain

Ask me I would say that rain is life. It gives life. It quenches our thirst. It cleanses our soul. Rain goddess, a mother....
I still remember my childhood days. I had time then to watch the rain drops splash. Watch the rainbow form and wonder at the silver lining around a dark cloud. Rain was romance then. There was something mystical. Rain was joy. Oh what fun we had in school when it was raining. To play in the ground that was water logged. To skid and fall. Get wet and dirty all over. Coming back after all these adventures, get nice spanking from mom for getting dirty. It was an adventure. Rain is an adventure.

Those days, during rain I used to look out of the window. There would be a cold draft hitting my face. That cold draft was so refreshing. Or was it the scent that was refreshing. Yes, Rain goddess wears a beautiful perfume. A perfume made out of elements from our mother earth and the sky. Have you ever noticed it. If not try it. Its heavenly.....

You guys might wonder, why suddenly I'm talking about rain such a lot. Yesterday something happened that made me think a lot about it. That's why.

Yesterday I was getting out of my place to make a move to my office. Then suddenly it started to rain. Actually the place I am in right now, Chennai, in the south of India doesn't get much rain. It is a place notorious for its hot and humid conditions. So normally a rain would be a welcome. But you got it wrong. Rain floods the place like hell. So for the 1st time in my life I cursed this gift of God. Why did I do it. Just because it was an inconvenience for me. So human I have become. So human. I just think about myself. I have started to think like a career professional who would do anything to keep up with his professional demands.

Humans were not like that to start with. We are a race who are romantics. We are a race born to enjoy and experience this world and its beauty to the fullest. We are basically poets, artists.... But we choose not to exercise these inbuilt faculties of ours nowadays. But why? Is it the influence of technology in our lives. Is it because of our constant isolation from nature. Or is it anything else.

I guess the answer has many dimensions.. Of course these days we are isolated from nature. We travel in our air conditioned cars, work and live in our climate controlled cocoons. We use sun creams with UV SPF more than 50, so that not even the smallest of its rays reach our skin. Hey, Sun used to be our source of energy. Have you forgotten that.

Then comes the next culprit, technology. Frankly speaking we don't have time to take our eyes from our LCD screens. What has become of us, Oh God--- Slaves of technology.

Our society is the ultimate culprit if you ask me. We have other priorities now, priorities that has been inflicted upon us by our society. All these things have compounded upon us and made us zombies of sorts. Zombies living in an isolated world.

Let's come back to rain. I hate myself now. The object of my desire, my passion and joy, yesterday I cursed it. I cursed it cos it had become an inconvenience for my insignificant existence. It had become a nuisance for my worthless commute from home to office. Worthless as it keeps me away from my elements. Keeps me away from love. Keeps me away from nature, my mother.

Oh Dear God, don't curse me now, I have not seen life. Don't curse me and take your gift away. I need all the gifts that you have provided us. Only then will I be able to know me, only then will my life be complete.

Where are those clouds. Shower upon me your love. Shower upon me and cleanse me from inside as my soul has become corrupt.

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