Friday, January 29, 2010

Due Adultery!

Spotlight on! The morning sun
shines on her divinity,
as the child bearing hips
appeal in harmonic motion.
A white cloak hides her glow
yet reveals her bow,
years add the grace,
as two naughty eyes,
gyrate to a hypnotic tune.
Hooked? A circular
classical ritual follows,
for the art of playing the game
that bringeth a new life,
sustaining Adam's clan.

Entranced, my morning
liturgy left unfinished,
as paths change
to keep focus on her
shimmering flares and
for a friendly smile;
then a brunch,
with sips from The Copa.
But the dame, lost in her
musical notes,
fails to mark the pale pony with
his tails up, the Pheron
sweating with feverish eyes.
And pheromones mix into thin air!

Her bind, a social contract,
the chain golden; her beauty enslaved.
La Belle vanished behind
her urbanised, successful man;
a sorry specimen, lucky to enjoy
her warmth and bites,
till death do them apart,
or till the due adulterer's wand,
the latter I wish,
to break an ancient code,
the seventh command
that locks out love...
All just to taste her dew.
Snap; ye moral fool!

(The beautiful lady in white at the park. My morning walk is getting colourful by the day...)

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