Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jaded Sabbath!

The eerie dull glow,
a sudden change in tone
shouts out; for attention.
A divine attempt to pull
a cruel joke,
a show of reality,
to a man who was only there
to feel the glow.

No glow, just a cold,
metallic shade,
jaded silver; remember the
rotting fish at Kochi beach?
The murals playing mind games,
bringing forth strokes
of realism into a
romantic outing two days old.

Lost in the shifting lights
as covers get blown
to smithereens by
salted winds from the sea.
The way out, passing a man...
Aaah... With no legs,
a starving old lady,
and the homeless...

No charity left to share,
when you're confused,
angry and hungry.
This Your world,
or is it Your Sunday joke?
Sabbath is it?
As the drag began
riding a new found love.

(The landscape was dull and depressing... Church brought out a different colour this day)

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