Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orphan Age! Orphanage?

The meeting call on
a “fine afternoon”;
free of human and
inhuman Chennai traffic;
as the elite celebrate
a tradition with a new year.
Sugarcane and a pot full
of goodies for some,
food for thought for others.
It was time for beer!

And the men talk of
spoilt seconds with snobs.
Why waste time here?
For a heart, and yeah...
An eye for comrades lost in migration!
A flight towards set goals for some,
confused priorities for others;
as tummies bloat - with grains,
solid and fermented.
It was time for antibiotics!

And sleep... Lovers keep distance
and also keep me awake;
life flickering by the flared up
desires from bared breasts
as hearts open... My life!
Then a time for homeless birds,
perched atop a Casa; dinner
with spoons, knives, forks and jokes
as families keep foreigners away.
Orphan Age; or an Orphanage!

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